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The City of Live Oak provides its own water and sewer service. The water system serves approximately 2/3 of the population of Live Oak, the majority of the other 1/3 are served by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). Contact the Live Oak's Utility department at 653.9140 ext. 226 for further information.

Services provided by the City of Live Oak are Water, Sewer, and trash. Applications may be downloaded and once completed brought to the Utility Department, placed in the payment drop box located outside of city hall, or mailed to 8001 Shin Oak Drive, Live Oak, TX 78233. Please make sure it is marked to the attention of the Utility Department. Click the link for the Residential Water Application in "PDF" format.

 Application for services must be submitted before 2:30 pm in order to have the service activated that day. Payments placed in the drop box will be activated the following business day. Service will not be activated until deposit and fee are received.

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Utility Rates

The City of Live Oak established new water and sewer rates effective November 28, 2017. Current rates are listed below.

Effective January 1, 2018 by Ordinance #1554

Residential Water Rates:

The base residential water rate is $16.86.

The water consumption rates per 1,000 gallons are:

For the first 7,000 gallons $0.78
From 7,001 to 9,000 gallons $1.08
From 9,001 to 12,000 gallons $1.39
From 12,001 to 15,000 gallons $1.68
From 15,001 to 20,000 gallons $1.98
From 20,001 to 25,000 gallons $2.27
From 25,001 to 30,000 gallons $2.57
From 30,001 to 50,000 gallons $2.86
Over 50,001 gallons $3.16

Residential Sewer Rates:

Family residence charges are $9.05 plus $1.90 per 1000 gallons of average WINTER WATER FLOW. The winter average for your sewer rate is calculated on the average of water consumption for the months of DECEMBER-FEBRUARY. If you were not living in Live Oak during those months, you are assigned the city average. City average is currently $20.18.

 Payments are due by the date indicated on the bill. A penalty of 10% will be added if not paid by the due date. Service will be discontinued if not paid by one week after the due date. A $30.00 charge will be made for reinstating service during normal working hours only. A charge of $75.00 will be made if any resident tampers with a meter, plus costs to repair meter an/or valves. In addition, a $25.00 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks.

Edwards Aquifer Authority Management fees are a pass through charge of $0.40 per thousand gallons.

Commercial Water Rates:

Meter Size Demand Charge
5/8” $23.36
1” $58.40
1-1/2” $116.80
2” $186.88
3” $373.77
4” $584.01

The Water Consumption rates per 1,000 gallons are:

For the first 40,000 gallons $0.78
From 40,001 to 100,00 gallons $1.08
From 100,001 to 500,000 gallons $1.39
Over 500,001 gallons $1.68

Edwards Aquifer Authority Management fees are a pass through charge of $0.40 per thousand gallons.

Commercial Sewer Rates:

The Commercial Sewer charge is $3.93 per 1000 gallons with a minimum bill of $30.65.

Please remember that the Commercial billing date is the 25th of each month and the account is due on the 15th of the following month. Penalties are added to these accounts if we receive them after the 15th. Late letters with a disconnection date on them are sent out once penalties have been added. The account will be disconnected for non-payment if we have not received payment by that time. This also applies if you have more then one account. Post-dated checks or partial payments cannot be accepted.

Other Service Providers:

City Public Service of San Antonio is the provider of gas and electric service. They can be reached at 210.353.2222.

Please feel free to call our office during regular business hours for assistance with your service at 653.9140, Ext. 2226, 2225 or 2110.

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