Staff Roster

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Animal Control
Court Clerks
Development Services
Public Works
Utility Clerks

Administrative Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mfrey Payroll Clerk, 653.9140, ext. 2218
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dgoza City Secretary, 653.9140, ext. 2213
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||lkowalik Director of Finance, 653.9140, ext. 2216
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dlowder Executive Assistant, EDC 653.9140 ext. 2219
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jmalloy Accounting Supervisor, 653.9140, ext. 2214
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jmatney Assistant City Manager, 653.9140, ext. 2286
Foster, Kathy Purchasing and Budget Coordinator, 653.9140, ext. 2215
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||swatson City Receptionist, 653.9140
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||swayman City Manager, 653.9140, ext. 2261
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||twhitfield Human Resource Generalist, 653.9140, ext. 2201

Animal Control Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cbudzinski Animal Control Officer, 653.9140, ext. 2228
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dfrancis Animal Control Officer, 653-9140, ext. 2228
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||tphillips Animal Control Supervisor, 653.9140, ext. 2398

Court Clerks Personnel

Kotzur, Nancy Deputy Court Clerk, 945.1789
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||vsteenbeke Court Clerk, 945.1790

Development Services Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||ksteiner Building Official, 653.9140, ext. 2250
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||thamilton Code Enforcement, 653.9140, ext. 2386
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||lperez Code Enforcement, 653.9140, ext. 2386
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||gwilkinson Administrative Assistant, 653-9140, ext. 2244

Fire Personnel

Atkinson, Jeryl Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief/ EMT-I
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||nbalanciere Firefighter / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rblanch Firefighter / EMT-P
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||ceverett Firefighter / EMT-B
Gaston, Jeffrey Volunteer Firefighter / EMT-I
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mgonzales Firefighter/EMT
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rjohnson Captain / EMT-P
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||lkuhlmann Captain / EMT-I
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rluna Firefighter / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||wmueller Lieutenant / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||ssantana Lieutenant / EMT-I
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jsmith Captain / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||ksmith Firefighter / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dstahlnecker Firefighter / EMT-B
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||lsurber Fire Chief, 653.9140, ext. 2241

Police Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jallen Detective Sergeant, 210-945.1712
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jalonzo Patrol Sergeant, 210-945.1735
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jandrada Detective, 210-945-1780
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||fargenal Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jatkinson Police Reserve
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||sbaldi Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jbarela Sergeant 210-945.1705
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Mbenavides Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mberlin Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Kboatright Manager, Police Support Services Bureau 210-945-1781
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rbruno Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jcaballero Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||fcampos Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||gcastro Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Acollas Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cdehoyos Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mfaseler Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||wfeldtmose Patrol Corporal
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Cferguson Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jgann Patrol Corporal
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||igaytan Police Administrative Assistant, 210-945.1759
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||hgray Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jhernandez Patrol Corporal
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||ghopper Assistant Chief of Police
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Kiglesias Patrol Sergeant 210-945.1734
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||kjacobs Patrol Officer/Warrants 210-945-1788
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||flara Patrol Corporal
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||clasiter Telecommunications Operator 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mmalone Patrol Lieutenant, 210-945.1732
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||bmarkgraf Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||amiranda Telecommunications Operator, 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Knash Telecommunications Operator, 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jodom Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jortega Property & Evidence Technician 210-945-1720
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||posborn Administrative Assistant, 210-945.1763
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jplano Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dpue Chief of Police, 210-945.1700
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jreyes Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rrico Police Reserve
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jrodriguez Detective, 210-945-1711
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jruiz Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dsalazar Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||csanders Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||evesseliza Telecommunications Operator, 210-653-0033
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dwall Patrol Officer
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jwein Patrol Sergeant, 210-945.1708

Public Works Personnel

Abbott, David Public Works
Aguilera, Dan Utility
Barela, Tony Fleet Mechanic
Brown, Joel Parks & Recreation
Doherty, Mitchell Utility
Freeman, Paul Parks & Recreation
Hillert, Charles Public Works
Jackson, Daniel Utility
Kilianski, Donald Utility
May, Scott Public Works
Mayfield, Terry Building Maintenance/Custodian
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jneeley Utility Supervisor, 653.9140, ext. 2220
Orr, Eric Public Works
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cpiotrowski Public Works Admin. Assistant, 653.9140, ext. 2234
Poe, Brian Utility
Real, Travis Public Works
Renspies, Ray Parks & Recreation
Scott, Robert Parks & Recreation
Smith, Jason Public Works
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||wtrammell Parks Supervisor, 653.9140, ext. 2178
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mwagster Director of Public Works, 653.9140, ext. 2221
Weese, Keith Public Works
Weese, Kyle Parks & Recreation
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||bweidner Fleet Supervisor, 653.9140, ext. 2222
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||pwernli Superintendent of Public Works, 653-9140, ext. 2224

Recreation Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cweese Recreation Coordinator, 653.9140, ext. 2235

Utility Clerks Personnel

Contact usnet|liveoaktx||lbeutnagel Utility Clerk, 653.9140, ext. 2226
Contact usnet|liveoaktx||amcfadden Utility Clerk, 653.9140, ext. 2225

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