Fire Department Equipment

Equipment Capabilities:

Engine 1:1998 Pierce Sabre 1500 gpm Class A pumper.

Engine 2: 2002 Pierce Sabre 1250 gpm Class A pumper.

Ladder 3: 2003 Pierce Dash quint constructed on a custom chassis. Features of Ladder 3 include a 2000 gallon per minute pump and 100 foot Sky Arm ladder with a platform and is capable of articulating (rotating) 20 feet. It is designed to lay a single five (5) inch supply line from the fire hydrant to the scene of the fire while carrying a crew of five (5) firefighters. Ladder 3 is designed to perform emergency rescue from multi-floor occupancies and can be used to control fires which require large flow appliances.

 Medic 1: 2012 Dodge 4500 Frazier Type 1 Ambulance. This ambulance is licensed as a Basic Life Support Vehicle with MICU Capabilities by the Texas Department of State Health Services. This unit is used quite extensively as 75% of the Live Oak Fire Department's Emergency call volume is medical related.

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