ATV, Motors, Bike Patrol

Communications Center/Non-Emergency Dispatch: 210-653-0033


All-Terrain Vehicles are assigned to the Patrol Division. These vehicles are used in various capacities from searches through rough terrain that the normal patrol vehicle could not access, to special events such as parades and events held in the City Parks. Officers who volunteer for this duty hold a primary assignment as a patrol officer. They go through a Texas DPS approved rider safety course and a forty hour police duty specific training course.


Officers serving in the police motorcycle unit focus primarily on enforcement of Texas traffic laws, crash investigations and directed patrols in traffic problem areas. This is accomplished by utilizing stealth patrol vehicles and police motorcycles. Traffic officers also participate in state traffic programs such as “Click it or Ticket,” which are directly aimed at enforcing various violations of state laws such as speeding, seatbelt and DWI offenses. Traffic offenses have shown to have a direct impact on the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on Texas roadways. Officers assigned to the traffic unit are very experienced and highly trained in their duties in the City of Live Oak.

Bike Patrol:

The Live Oak Police Department Patrol Division bike officers work in conjunction with patrol officers. Bike officers must successfully graduate from a Police Mountain Bike training course. The bike officers are utilized in areas like parks and retail business areas. The bike officers can travel effectively through areas that would slow a patrol vehicle or an officer on foot. The bike patrols are a great deterrent to crime, and a great way to interact with the public.

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