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The operations Bureau of the Live Oak Police Department employ two K-9’s. The K-9 units work in conjunction with patrol and CID. The K-9’s are trained in narcotics detection, search and patrol work. K-9 handlers go through a selection process and are then matched to the K-9. They train together to achieve detection certifications that comply with Federal, State and Case law that applies to search procedures. The K-9 units are primarily used by the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division with search warrants. Inter local agreements also allow the Live Oak K-9 units to assist other Metro Com Agencies when requested.

“Newest members of the Live Oak Police Department have 4 feet”

The Live Oak Police Department’s K-9 Unit is a specialized unit that is capable of supporting any division of the Live Oak Police Department and the Randolph Area Metropolitan Community. The unit is comprised of two K9- Units that are both capable of locating narcotics, search/rescue, locating fleeing suspects, and locating items of evidentiary value.

The Live Oak K-9 Unit is committed to keeping the city’s streets safe and staying one step ahead of the criminal element. This unit also participates in the promotion of community relations between the Live Oak Police Department and our citizens by conducting demonstrations of our canines’ capabilities and to educate the public about the program.

Meet “SMOKEY”, a 4 year old German Shepherd from Holland. Smokey joined our team in 2012 and is a certified National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) Police Service Dog. Smokey is trained as a drug sniffing dog and is certified to track people. He is partnered with Officer D. Prieto. Since Smokey joined our team, he has made a major impact on fighting illegal drugs in the City of Live Oak. Smokey also participates in joint law enforcement operations. Smokey likes to play and have fun. On his off days he enjoys sun tanning and laying around in the back yard.

Meet “BOLO”, a black German Shepherd. BOLO was the show dog for Government Solutions - G4S. BOLO is a   certified National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) Police Service Dog. BOLO is trained to sniff illegal narcotics, evidence recovery and to protect his handler. BOLO is partnered with Officer D. Wall. BOLO recently joined our team in 2013 and is currently assigned to the night shift. BOLO likes to have fun while working and loves attention.

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