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Communications Center/Non-Emergency Dispatch: 210-653-0033


Live Oak Police Department uses technology to communicate with the community.  

“Citizens have direct communication with their police department”

The Live Oak Police Department has found a new way to communicate and engage with residents in the city. Law enforcement must keep up and discover the latest trends in technology to stay in touch with the community.

The Live Oak Police Department began using the My Police Department or MyPD phone application as a means to provide notifications and information to citizens regarding events, crimes and wanted persons. MyPD is an app that can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play. With it, citizens have access to a number of features including contacts, feedback and tip forms. They can also access information from FEMA, the National Weather Service and the National Terror Advisory System, and much more.

The police app also contains links to information about wanted persons, sex offenders and crime reports. It also allows the department to solicit help from the public in ongoing investigations or crimes. The Live Oak Police Department’s Tip, Commendation and Feedback forms are also now available online and Facebook pages. This provides new additional ways to send in tips or concerns.

We can push out notifications and an alert to the public. The public has a variety of ways to contact us and provide feedback easily from a smartphone or tablet.

The department home screen contains a number of features with more located in the bottom menu which activates upon touch or swipe. 911 continues to be the appropriate method to report emergency situations and request emergency response.

The police app website can be found here:
The download for the free MyPD app can be found on the Facebook page or by searching for "My Police Department" or "MyPD" in the iPhone or Android marketplace.

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