Staff Directory

Andrada, Jason Patrol Corporal    
Argenal, Francisco Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||fargenal  
Barela, Jesse Sergeant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jbarela 210.945.1705
Benavides, Miranda Telecommunications Supervisor Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Mbenavides 210.653.0033
Berlin, Max Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mberlin 210.653.0033
Boatright, Kirk Manager, Police Support Services Bureau Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Kboatright 210.945.1781
Bruno, Rebecca Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||rbruno  
Caballero, Janie Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jcaballero  
Campos, Felicia Telecommunicators Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||fcampos 210.653.0033
Castro, Gregory Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||gcastro  
DeHoyos, Cesar Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cdehoyos  
Faseler, Matthew Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mfaseler  
Feldtmose, William Patrol Sergeant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||wfeldtmose  
Ferguson, Casey Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||cferguson  
Gann, Jonathan Patrol Corporal Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jgann  
Gaytan, Isa Police Administrative Assistant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||igaytan  
Gray, Hettie Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||hgray 210.653.0033
Hernandez, Jason Patrol Corporal Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jhernandez  
Hopper, Gary Assistant Chief of Police Contact usnet|liveoaktx|| ghopper 210.945.1702
Iglesias, Kent Sergeant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Kiglesias 210.945.1709
Jacobs, Kevin Patrol Officer/Warrants Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Kjacobs 210.945.1788
Lara, Frank Patrol Corporal Contact usnet|liveoaktx||flara  
Lasiter, Candice Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||clasiter 210.653.0033
Malone, Matt Patrol Lieutenant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||mmalone 210.945.1732
Markgraf, Brier Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||bmarkgraf  
Miranda, Ashlyn Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||amiranda 210.653.0033
Nash, Kimberly Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Knash 210.653.0033
Odom, Jared Detective Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jodom 210.945.1780
Ortega, Joe Property & Evidence Technician Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jortega 210.945.1720
Osborn, Paige Administrative Assistant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Posborn 210.945.1763
Plano, Joseph Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jplano  
Pue, Dan Chief of Police Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Dpue 210.945.1700
Reyes, Jesus Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jreyes  
Rodriguez, Joe Detective Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jrodriguez 210.945-1711
Ruiz, Jeremy Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||jruiz  
Salazar, David Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||dsalazar  
Sanders, Curtis Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||csanders  
Vesseliza, Emily Telecommunications Operator Contact usnet|liveoaktx||evesseliza 210.653.0033
Wall. David Patrol Officer Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Dwall  
Wein, Joe Patrol Sergeant Contact usnet|liveoaktx||Jwein 210.945.1708

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