Water/Waste Water

Live Oak's Water/Waste Water Management.

  1. Provide safe drinking water resources to the residents and businesses in Live Oak
  2. Maintaining and servicing all water mains, services, meters, tanks, chlorine injection systems, and pumps on the water system. The water system serves approximately 2/3 of the population of Live Oak, the majority of the other 1/3 are served by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS).
  3. Maintain, inspect, and routinely clean the sanitary sewer mains and man holes
  4. Read meters
  5. Promote water conservation through public education
  6. Comply with state and federal requirements for water and waste water systems
  7. Maintain fire hydrants for fire protection
  8. Maintain four water well pumping and storage sites
  9. Monitor a critical water use management plan to regulate the use of water during drought periods


Click this link to view the 2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

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