Labor Force

A Fast-Growing Work Force

The population growth in the Live Oak area has been matched with economic strength which has also attracted workers to the area. Although the area has been at "full employment" for several years, new families continue to relocate to Live Oak and its surrounding communities. This growing labor pool is very mobile, motivated and well trained, as large companies opening Live Oak facilities have found. With our interstate crossroads location as a convenient business corridor, Live Oak draws from a labor market area that includes over 1 million individuals.

The workforce in Live Oak continues to grow because of:

  • Opportunities for fulfilling careers
  • Metropolitan amenities
  • Ready access to educational resources
  • Growing economic strength of the metro area

Not in Labor Force 30.04%
In Labor Force 69.96%
Employed 91.65%
Unemployed 6.37%
In Armed Forces 2.8%

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